Greetings from the Secretariat of APACC 2016. It has been a while, hope this email finds you well.
With this email, we’d like to forward you the new registration discount code and update you a couple of new developments of the conference.

New registration discount code: Please Contact Mr.Tiến: 0903.278.564 or Ms.Dung: 0915.557.418
Please find attached the flyer with the new discount code for you members as the previous one will be expired on 20 November.
We offer special rates for academia from the resource limited settings. With the new code, your members will be able to benefit additional 25% discount on the special rates. The code will be valid until 20 March, 2016.
To view the registration fees, please go to

Program and Abstract Submission
A preliminary program has been designed.
To view the draft, please go to
Abstract Submission is open. The topics of interest and general guideline are listed on

Number of HIV-treating doctors in Cambodia
In order to better prepare the event, we are searching the number of HIV-treating doctors in each Asian country. The information is however is very limited and outdated.
We are wondering whether VCHAS has the data of Vietnam and will be able to share it with us? If not, could you be so kind to advise which organization or local expert we might contact with for the information?

We very much appreciate the support from VCHAS and look forward to seeing more Vietnamese participants in the event.
If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards,